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Call us now for wallpaper installation , furniture assembly , move in / move out help , wall painting , plumbing issues , electrical works , DIY chores , putting up pictures , shelves installation , TV wall hang or mounting , toilet leak fix , ac maintenance or servicing , IKEA furniture assembly, hourly hire of handyman or for any technical support and help.


Plumbing Services in Dubai

We offer a professional and prompt service for all our clients and also provide Emergency Plumbing Service especially for Residents of Dubai

Painting Services in Dubai

Looking for an expert painting job with perfect stroke and paint finishes? We offer quality painting services, Call us today for a free estimate.

Air Conditioning Services in Dubai

Looking for a reliable HVAC/ Air conditioning contractor? We are here to help, we cover from simple ac cleaning or maintenance to major ac breakdown and repairs.

Professional Plumbing Services in Dubai

Major Plumbing issues in dubai are of heavy on bills or quite damaging to property if not treated urgently, you need a local and trusted plumbing company to take care of all these hassles. WATER PUMP REPAIR are one of the most occurring problem if you are living in a villa resulting in low water pressure or totally no water or even can result in water leaks. Few other major issues such as RUNNING/ LEAKING TOILET which happens to almost everyone no matter if it’s an office, villa, apartment, school, hospital, warehouse or any major institution.

We have special rates for WATER HEATER SUPPLY & INSTALLATION, we deal in all brands and kind of water heaters in dubai.

We also deal in top selling water heater brand in U.A.E “ARISTON”, which covers all requirements for water heating solutions and provide prompt manufacturer warranty services for upto 5 years


We have specially trained teams forEMERGENCY DRAIN UNBLOCKING and leak removal from sink, floor basin drains and do provide on spot replacement service for drain pipe system of kitchen or bathroom sinks.

TOILET SEAT REPLACEMENT if you are looking to replace your toilet seat or if it’s broken or the seat cover is damaged, call us for worry free as we not only do plumbing repairs but also supply material and accessories on all our beloved customer’s behalf..

You can even call us for installation of TOILET ACCESSORIESand orFAUCET INSTALLATION

We offer a professional and prompt service for all our clients and have EMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICE specially if you are resident of JLT, DUBAI MARINA, SPRINGS, ARABIAN RANCHES.

All our plumbers are highly experienced,. Our professional plumbers deliver fast, dependable plumbing services and will arrive at your place promptly and leave it clean and tidy when they leave.

Note: Average reachout time for our teams are under 35 to 85 Minutes, which varies depending on various factors.

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Clean and tidy place, straight lines and proper strokes lastly even paint finish is what we leave once we complete painting your villa or apartment

Painting your home requires planning, precision, and a very strong attention to detail, as even the slightest mistake or blemish can ruin the integrity of the entire coat of paint.

This is why having an expert painter to handle the job is the best decision you can make. We have the experience and tools needed to coat every single wall and ceiling with the best paint finishingCall us today for a free estimate.

DECORATIVE PAINTINGYou can expect superior interior finishes for walls, ceilings and trims throughout the walls, bends, corners and edges. You can rest assured that our team of expert painters will pay meticulous attention to each detail and be sure that every coat of paint is applied carefully and precisely.

A Flawless Coat Every Time, is what we believe in. You will be proud to hire us once the job is done and you will see that it meets your expectations.

We have special rates for move in and move out painting, whether you are a tenant leaving the apartment and needs to tidy it a bit to get your security deposit from landlord or in case you are the landlord and need to update your house for new or existing tenants.
Real Estate agents can also contact us for the property maintenance or painting and decorating services as we have a vast knowledge and experience in home painting needs and services.

AC Cleaning & Servicing

SERVICEAir conditioners require proper cleaning, servicing, filter replacement and general wear and tear in order to work properly and to provide you a cost effective & healthy temperature controlled environment.

Air conditioner’s refrigerant gas(freon) have the main contribution towards a cooler air and thus the recommended gas top up level must be maintained, it is recommended to top up gas twice a year in hot climate areas such as Dubai.

We provide complete and comprehensive ac checkup, ac cleaning, filter & vent cleaning / replacement, gas top up, as wash(window ac) and proper cleaning & disinfecting of indoor and outdoor ac units.

AC Repair & Maintenance

REPAIRWhen it comes to maintain ac for its top performance, you must hire a professional air conditioning contractor to provide you a schedule & preventive maintenance for your ac units. This practice is useful and can save you a lot especially in the case of emergency ac breakdowns, which can be a very serious problem especially if you are living in hot and humid part of the world.

A professional ac technician will be able to diagnose or troubleshoot issues and faults and will provide you with the best possible solution for its rectification.

We are happy to announce that we provide all kind of air conditioning maintenance services and do all kind of ac repairs.

AC Supply/ Installation

INSTALLIn case you just need to hire an air conditioning technician or a team to simply install your newly bought ac unit, you can contact us freely and we can send our team at the earliest. We do supply all kind of ac units from all major brands and make.
in case you simply want to move your ac unit from one place to another; whether it’s in the same house or in far distance, you can hire us to do ac installation services on very nominal charges.
The top selling & reliable air conditioning brands in U.A.E with very positive customer reviews are: GREE, LG, MIDEA, DAIKIN, CAREER, O’GENERAL, HAIER additionally there are a lot more other brands selling their air conditioners in U.A.E.